Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dear postman...

Thanks for cheering me up today.  My heart sank when I saw this in the porch:
Every week I go to that delivery place to pick something up.  Even though I am only out at work two days a week. Meow does the postman ALWAYS miss me?
So... I turned it over and hooray!  Parcel over the gate!  And when I saw the return address I almost died of excitement (I exaggerate not).  It was my fabric order from Kitschy Coo!  Oscar saw the parcel and started tearing into it with coat, shoes, hat, mittens etc still on.  I told him it was nothing exciting (for him, anyway) but he was having none of it and it didn't take much persuading for me to join in.  Anyway... Because I'm diligent I popped it all through the wash and now it's drying.  Oscar wants me to make something with the 'raccoon dogs' fabric... And something for daddy too.  Daddy's not keen.  There's just no reasoning with some people.  Haven't got a pic of the fabric at the moment but here's the matching ribbon:

Granted, it's not a good photo.  But you get the general idea of the raccoons (who wouldn't want some of these for 'dress down Friday'??) Also I got foxes ribbon.  What in earth am I going to do with it?  
(Answer: keep it, look at it, admire it, NEVER use it because it's tooooo precious and beautiful).

Tomorrow:  maybe cut some t-shirts.  

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