Monday, 9 December 2013

Dolman T weekend

Everyone else seems to have been putting up Christmas trees this weekend just gone.  I've been sewing up t-shirts for the boys, in a frenzy of activity!  They now have matching penguin ts to wear to tomorrow's Christmas party at toddler group.  I've also done a train version for Oscar.  Poor Felix is a bit left out but he doesn't know or care.  My fake layered sleeves are looking better than ever so I'm pleased in general- but my necks are a bit on the saggy side and I'm still working on why.

I've got a list of bits I need to get sewn up before Christmas now.
1.  A Bimaa top for a friend's little girl.  I have a gorgeous candy-print jersey in funky colours I hope she'll love.  She's an artist so the pressure's on to make something really fab!
2. Another Dolman T-shirt.  For a little boy of some good friends of ours.  It's going to be Viking print and amazing.
3 and 4.  One each of both of the above for Oscar as a Christmas present.  I have a half metre of pretzel-print jersey and he's mad about pretzels.  So I'm going to do a short-sleeved Tee (so he can wear it when we go to Austria to eat pretzels next summer!) plus a long-sleeved bimaa to go underneath- green with pretzel cuffs- so it can be layered for winter wear too.

So far things are not going so well.  I have cut out one measly garment and cut my finger with my rotary cutter.  I bloody hate cutting out.  Determined to get everything cut out first- then the sewing can be my reward!

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