Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Let's start at the very beginning...

It seemed like time to start blogging.  But what's this blog going to be about?

Aspirational list of things to put in blog:
1. Awesome things I have sewn.
2. Instructions of how to make awesome things.  Because you will see them on my blog and naturally aspire to create your own.
3. Well-researched posts about interesting and worthwhile intellectual-type things, which are worthy of publication in a quality newspaper.  They will contain references to proper studies and people will read and go 'oh, I wish I had time to research and write such amazing blog posts'.
4.  Clever things about the things I have sewn and how I need to give up my day job to make more, because people are bashing my door down demanding to buy them.
5. Beautiful pictures of my beautiful boys modelling the things I have sewn.

What will actually be in this blog (please take note so as to avoid disappointment):
1. Awesome things I have sewn
2. Awesome things I want to sew
3. Pictures of my kids and reasons why they are cuter than everybody else's kids
4. Railway trivia (including but not limited to the suburban railways of south-west London, fictional railways, toy railways- wooden, plastic, die-cast, interactive talking and flashing lights etc etc)
5. Rants about the perils of parenting
6. Anecdotes about my bike
7. Pictures of fabric and my plans to make stuff with it
8. Mediocre-quality pictures of all of the above, including blurry pictures of my beautiful boys wearing the beautiful things I have made... running away, turning around, covered in food and dirt etc.

So now you know.

Just for the record, here are the beautiful boys in their natural states:
Felix attempting to climb into the washing machine

Felix attempting to climb into the tumble drier

Felix not staying still

Oscar glued to a DVD.. oh wait... He's gone.  Sorry. 

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