Thursday, 5 December 2013

The cycle of karma

You know I said I would probably end up blogging about my bike?  Well here goes:
A couple of weeks ago I was out with the children when a lady approached me asking for help unlocking her bike lock, so she could lock up her bike.  We twisted it and pulled it but it just wouldn't budge.  So she couldn't lock up her bike.  Well it just so happened I had a cheap bike lock locked to my buggy.  Never used it, but I had it, and the key, so I offered it to her.  She said she couldn't accept it but I told her it was only a couple of pounds, and I'd never used it, and in the end she took it, and said she hoped something good would happen to me.  Well... It didn't.  But today something bad happened to me and someone did something nice which made things a lot better- so I figure that's my karmic reward!

My bike got a puncture after dropping the boys off at nursery.  I had to get the bus to work, then leave work early to pick up the bike from nursery and walk it two miles in the pouring rain to the bike shop.  When I got there the man in the bike shop asked when I needed it and I said, assuming it wasn't going to be done today, then I wouldn't need it til the middle of next week.  As he was taking my details etc we got talking about the weather and I told him I'd walked all that way in the rain, and he said if I could hang around for 15 minutes he could ask the mechanic to fix the puncture RIGHT NOW, if I had anywhere I needed to go.  I'd planned on popping home, getting the buggy then taking the bus back to nursery to pick up the children.  It's a good 90 minute or so round trip by bus and walking.  So of course I jumped at the chance to get my bike fixed right away!  Nipped across the road for a coffee and sure enough the bike was fixed 15 minutes later.  Now that's good service!  So thanks very much to the lovely staff in Action Bikes, Whitton for making my awful day get a whole lot better.

This evening has been productive too.  As well as marking a lot of essays, I have found some time to sew!  Train pants for Oscar and a penguin t-shirt for Felix.  Both patterns by Kitschy Coo and both super quick and easy to make.  We'll see if they fit the morning.

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