Thursday, 12 December 2013

Your activities in a typical week

I got a message recently from my old university, asking me to do a "survey about women's lives".  Well I love a good survey so, only mildly daunted by the fact that it said "this survey should take 20-30 minutes to complete", I made a start.

Well.  The time taken about have set alarm bells ringing.  What woman has 20-30 minutes to fill out a survey?  And as the survey progressed it soon became apparent that its writer knows nothing about the lives of women today, especially those with small children.  By the time I got to question 1.7 it was just getting silly:

 Now.  None of this bears ANY resemblance to my week.  I struggled to make up a week's worth of activities from this selection at all.  I had a think about it.  I reckon I have a bit over 100 waking hours  in a week so each hour is about 1% and I think my typical week is something like:
Engaged in paid employment: 18%
Riding unfeasibly large bike to get to and from paid employment: 1%
Getting unfeasibly large bike into and out of shed: 2%
Messing around on Internet: 10%
Preparing food for self, husband, children: 15%
Doing classes at gym: 2%
Swimming lessons with children: 1%
Getting ready for swimming with children, getting dressed afterwards: 3%
Ironing: 4%
Walking to and from places: 5%
Waiting for buses and trains: 1%
Watching cbeebies: 5%
Stopping baby from climbing into kitchen appliances: 2%
Stopping baby from climbing stairs: 3%
Saying NO: 6%
Putting on hats, scarves, shoes, gloves, etc etc: 17%
At toddler groups: 2%
Shopping for groceries: 3%
Interacting with immediate family: 2%
Interacting with friends: 0%
Relaxing: 0%
Alone: 0%

As you can see there is no time for anything else.  Definitely no time for sewing.  People do say "where do you find the time?" and I honestly don't know.  Maybe I'll make up the time saved by not filling out any more stupid surveys?

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