Saturday, 28 December 2013

Yule log envy and the miseries of pattern tracing


That explains my post title, right?  Because now I bet you have Yule log envy.  Also you may be thinking "wow, that's an amazing Yule log (branch), is there no end to this woman's talents?".  Well, no, there isn't... at least not if you count picking up bargains in Waitrose as a talent.  I saw these Yule branches before Christmas and couldn't justify the purchase of a third Yule log  excessive cost- it is just a cake after all... But this one was half price the day after Boxing Day.  Mmmmmm it's amazing.  Had a slice for breakfast today before going to the gym. Good times!  

Exciting news here... I'm going to be sewing up some bits to sell in our new local Arts and Crafts co-operative shop.  Would post more details now but am too tired after a broken night with the children.  Watch this space!

I have made a little bit of progress so far in the form of ordering more fabric (always need more fabric!) and tracing out some pattern bits.  Thought I'd better get the boring stuff done since I still can't sew, because I still can't cut stuff out, because I still haven't got round to picking up blades for my cutter.  
This is why I hate tracing patterns.  You can see the clutter, the pieces of various different patterns all over the place, the multiple pens, pencils and rulers (because one ruler is always missing), the rolls of paper... You can't see the baby crawling over the patterns dangling on here kitchen floor and ripping a hole in it, but he's around somewhere.  It's done now, though.  I've drafted little bit skinny tee patterns in four sizes now, so when I get my cutter sorted I'm good to go.

And just as an aside... Here are the boys on Christmas morning in the matching pyjamas I made for them.  They wouldn't sit still for any length of time so I snapped a load of pictures, all as bad as each other... And Google has made this sort of slideshow thingy of them so here it is!

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