Tuesday, 28 January 2014

KCW day 2: back to the drawing board

Okay, so there's no actual drawing board in the Pocket Fox household.  By 'drawing board', I mean 'dining table'.  I've spent a lot of time there today, tracing and cutting.  I haven't sewn anything, but I've definitely spent well over an hour on activities leading up to sewing clothes for children!

Last week this amazing blog post by Schwin and Schwin popped up in my inbox.  I've been looking for a baby's sweater-type pattern for a couple of weeks now, as I've been asked by a friend at work to make something for his newborn nephew.  I have a lot of patterns, but they're mostly either too girly and fancy or too plain and t-shirty.  He wanted something to be worn over a t-shirt or sleepsuit, so I was thrilled to see the Charlie sweatshirt pattern.  And did I mention it's a free pattern?  How brilliant is that?

So I printed it and cut it and made up a 6-12 mo which is the size the pattern comes in.  I made it up according to the pattern except for adding a bit to the length of the body and taking that length away from the waist ribbing.  It looked like the ribbing would be disproportionately long, otherwise (although in the pattern photo it looked perfect!).  I also drafted it down to a 0-3 months-ish sort of size and made that up too.  I kept the neck the same size, as babies have big heads and they don't like being dressed, so I figured a big neck hole would be good.  I also added some width to the neck ribbing for the little sweater, as I wanted to try a super soft, warm, minky collar, and minky doesn't have a lot of stretch.  At all.  As I've learned to my peril in the past.

So here were my results:

I love them!  The 6-12 just about fits Felix, though it's a bit on the short side.  Maybe because he's 14 months now.

So that brings me to today's work.  I've drafted the neck onto a slightly longer and narrower body pattern for 0-6 months right up to 18-24.  I wanted to make one for Felix to wear (so I needed a 12-18) and also one for the new baby.  While I had all my tracing stuff out it seemed sensible to do the other sizes too.  I've made the waist band less tall, and I've also made two sizes for my necks- one for ribbing and one for minky (or anything else with just a little bit of stretch).  Will I have a chance to sew Felix's tomorrow?  Who can say?  Watch this space!

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