Wednesday, 29 January 2014

KCW day 3- the Charlie sweatshirt

OK, OK, it's not a sweatshirt.  It's more of a t-shirt, because it's made of cotton jersey and not sweatshirting.  But the pattern is Schwin and Schwin's Baby Charlie Sweatshirt, so that's what I'm calling this post.

Yesterday I drafted the pattern pieces in different sizes (the pattern is free and only in 6-12mo), and this one I've sewn up is a 12-18mo for Felix.  With a fluffy minky collar in some turquoise minky which arrived at the weekend from Plush Addict.  I have a teensy bit of raccoons left so maybe I'll make him another pair of jeans, just like the ones I made for Oscar.

On a slightly different note, I'm so pleased with how far my metre of raccoons has gone!  I bought it from Kitschy Coo way back in November when there was a Black Friday sale.  Amazing prints like this don't come cheap!  But I've made:
Sleeves and appliqué for t-shirt (2-3 years)

Bimaa t-shirt body (4-5 years)

Charlie sweatshirt x2 (6-12 mo, 12-18 mo)

Cuffs etc for jeans

Ad if I'd have been cutting it more carefully, instead of all different projects one at a time, I'm sure I could have been even more efficient.  I do have a lot of scraps left though and these raccoons make irresistable appliqués.  I may only have scraps left, but you haven't seen the last of these little guys yet!


  1. I have that fabric, too. it's one of my favorites. if you wanna have a look:

  2. Oh your little one looks so cute in that print, Annika! I'm so envious of you being in Germany, home of amazing and gorgeous jersey prints!