Friday, 3 January 2014

My un-spiration and the battle against sludge

A lot of mums of boys (myself included) moan about the lack of choice for boys' clothes. It's hardly surprising. I went out and about yesterday and whilst on my travels, snapped a couple of pics of little boys' clothes sections in shops. Take a look:

Note to retailers- if you identify one of my pictures as being in one of your stores, then shame on you for your drab and unimaginative selection of boys' wear.   If you want me to remove the picture, contact me and I will.  Although presumably you are happy with these clothes so you might want to consider this as free advertising. ;-)

Anyway.  A couple of things to note.  Firstly, though you can't see it here, the size of the selection.  Row upon row of girls' clothes... And one for boys.
Secondly, the colours.  Let's list them.
Black.  Grey.  Sludgey brown.  Sludgey green.  Blue.  Red (mostly a dark and dirty sort of shade of red).  That's about it.
And finally, the prints.  Cars.  Tractors.  Army camouflage.  And... is that... an enormous skull?

Now I guess this is fashion and I'd be the first to admit I don't know much about it.  I know the big retailers do, and that they spend millions on market research.  I know that trained designers design these clothes, and I know that people buy these clothes.  I buy these clothes myself- I don't hate (all of) them, but to me the clothes I buy in the shops are mostly the best of a bad bunch.

Despite my lack of knowledge about fashion (and lack of interest for the most part), I know what I like for my children.  I like bright, bold prints and colours.  I know that kids are not little for long.  My boys will be wearing blue, black, grey and brown clothes (most likely) for almost their entire lives.  So why shouldn't they, at the ages of 1 and 4, wear yellow?  Or orange?  Or bright green?  Why shouldn't they wear funky animal prints?   And why shouldn't little girls wear these things, either?  Maybe they're too busy wearing pink and dressing up as princesses?

Or maybe the only reason children don't wear interesting clothes is because they're not out there, in the shops, for us to buy for them?  It makes me sad.  I know I'm very lucky to have the knowledge, the time and the resources to make my boys things like this:

Oh and what's this?  A whole rail of gorgeous, bright clothes!  Notice the contrast between this and the rails in the shops above (I don't mean the fact that this rail is clearly being used as a makeshift baby walker).  This rail is going to a new home tomorrow (exciting!).  I'll tell you more about it soon...

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