Thursday, 16 January 2014

What does the fox boy say?

Finally got round to sewing up my fox bimaa.  I have been promising Oscar he could be a fox boy for aaaages, and now he can!

The whole thing is made from cuddlesoft minky fabric from Plush Addict.  It's super soft and soooooo strokeable.  A bit polyester-y on the inside, though- if I was making this for the shop I would probably line it, but I can just make sure Oscar wears a t-shirt underneath.  Plush Addict do stock plush fabric lined with jersey, but not in orange (and it's not as soft as the minky- nowhere near!).

I made little sticking up ears with white on the front, and a cute little tail.  The photo doesn't do it justice- it's all bunched up here but trust me it's great!

This is a size 5-6 width-wise, but a 4-5 length-wise.  It really needs the extra width as the minky doesn't have as much stretch as a normal jersey fabric.  And it's quite thick too, which adds extra bulk, so it's still a slim fit.

I not going to lie- sewing with minky is not much fun.  It slips and slides and always seems to be stretching (or not) in just the wrong places.  But the end result is definitely worth it!

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