Thursday, 24 April 2014

Completed- Summer Concert Tee (x2!)- spring top sewalong

Spring has definitely sprung here, and I've been having a look at all the lovely tops people have been sewing up for the Spring Top Sewalong over at Made by Rae.  A lot of them are long sleeved, but for me a spring top just has to be short sleeved.  Although everyone else round here still seems to be wearing coats and jumpers, it's definitely t-shirt weather for me.  And as I'm sort of working my way through my Perfect Pattern Parcel #1 patterns, I thought it was time to make a summer concert tee.

This t-shirt pattern is by Dixie DIY and it's super easy.  My first attempt was sort of an experiment to see how it all went, and I made it up in a grey viscose Lycra from Tissu fabric.  I added the foxy trim (an amazingly soft tencel from Myllymuksut Oy) because I wanted a contrast, and that was more or less the only thing in my stash which would work.  And I love this fabric, but it's too expensive for me to justify making myself a whole t-shirt from it.

The hem of this t-shirt is cropped at the front and long at the back.  And by cropped, I mean cropped.  Not just 'a bit short'.  I added 3" to the length for mine and it's still on the short side.  I'm definitely glad I didn't make it any shorter.

I have had a bad relationship with twin needles and was pleased when I broke mine- because it meant I didn't have to try to get the damned thing to work any more.  But I did buy another one and thought I'd give it a go to hem this top and I couldn't believe it when it just worked!  So I figure the other one must have been a dodgy needle.  So excited by my double hems, hooray!  Here I am admiring them in all their glory:

I made a couple of other changes to the pattern before sewing up my second top- again with fabric from Tissu Fabric.  I made the sides less... flippy-outy, by straightening the side seams.   I also made the sleeve shorter by folding over the sleeve and sewing it in as a band, rather than sewing it in and then hemming.

I'm really pleased with the changes and the final garment.  And it took about half an hour to sew up, which is always a bonus!  Although I did have some twin needle issues again.  Still need to work on that.

The cutting layout for the pattern suggests cutting front and back one beneath the other, but I managed to juuuuust fit them side by side when cutting out, so I needed less than a metre of fabric for each.

They both promise to be spring and summer wardrobe staples for me.  I might* just make another one. Or two...

*that's not true.  I will definitely make more of these!

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