Saturday, 10 May 2014

Completed Breezy Palazzo Pants (Selfish sewing week)

I've been meaning to try to make my own trousers for the gym for ages.  Bought ones are stupidly expensive and don't tend to fit me well, as I'm tall and they aren't usually available in different leg lengths.  I figure if I make my own I can make them as long as I like.

Whilst browsing for patterns I came across the Breezy Palazzo Pants pattern by Wild Lily and Lace.  I love this pattern!  The picture on the pattern is of a lady wearing a pair with a bikini top, enjoying the sunshine... but don't let that put you off if you don't live in Florida like Orilis, the pattern's designer!  This pattern is so versatile- it can be made with woven or knit fabric for the main part, so I've made up 2 versions already.  There are just two pieces- a leg piece and a hip band. 

Firstly, the yoga trousers.  Hang on, hang on... they're not going to be yoga trousers.  I'm going to keep them for pyjama bottoms because they're sooooooo comfy.  They're too comfy to be worn out and about.  Anyway.  I made a large, and added a bit to the length.  I used a plain black cotton/elastane jersey with a pink jersey for the hip band.  I had them cut and sewed in 40 mintues flat.  How quick is that? 

They're actually a bit loose, and when I make another pair in a stretch fabric I'll go down to a medium.

I made the second version a bit more complicated.  I used a linen-look cotton fabric, with fine rib for the waist band.  Linen trousers are another thing I've been meaning to make.  A large part of my time is spent scrabbling around on the floor building train tracks for the boys and as a result I wear through trousers really fast.  Last summer I had to bin two pairs of linen trousers because the fabric just doesn't hold up to the rigours of parenting two small boys.  But I still love them- a more hard-wearing fabric (e.g. denim) just wouldn't do for the summer.  So I decided to make my own, but there's no point making them fancy, because to be honest, sadly, I don't expect them to last very well.  That made this pattern ideal- quick and simple!

I self-drafted pockets (to keep phone and keys in when we go to the park!) for the front, and bound them with the same ribbing I used for the hip band.  I thought about adding patch pockets on the back but couldn't be bothered.  I also thought about topstitching a fake fly (or even adding a real one, and a matching waistband, and belt loops...), but again couldn't be bothered.  I'm mostly going to wear these with long tops, so I don't think anyone is going to point at me and laugh and say I'm wearing granny trousers because they have an elasticated waistband.  You know what?  I don't care if they do, because these trousers are so comfortable I'll know they're just jealous.  As an aside, these would make great maternity trousers- you could make the band bigger to go over a bump, and cut the front a bit lower if needed. 

In order to make the pockets, I cut the legs in half then sewed them back up with the pockets in, so they have a seam down the sides.  I made the crotch seam a flat fell seam, because you don't want that seam splitting, right?  In the end the trousers were still a smidge loose, so I took them in a bit at the waist/hips, and I'm pleased with the final result.

I'll be back to this pattern for sure, for summer wear, the gym and pyjamas... Anything, really!  Hooray!

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