Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Selfish sewing week roundup

There are two sorts of weeks here in the Pocket Fox lair.  Either it's a selfish sewing week- because sewing is a thing I like to do and when I do it I feel I should be doing stuff with the kids, or stuff as a family, or giving long-suffering husband a break from looking after the kids every moment he's not at work.  The alternative to a selfish sewing week is a no-sewing week!

Imagine Gnats' Selfish Sewing week is not about feeling bad about doing what you enjoy.  It's about (shock, horror!) actually sewing things for yourself.  I didn't intend to participate, but it just so happened that I'd recently bought some patterns, and some fabric, for things for me... so it seemed a good time to whip them up and join in the fun.

It's been a fun week and I now have 4 new things to wear.  I have to admit I cheated a bit... I made my last item yesterday, when the week had officially finished... because it was a bank holiday here so I had people around to watch the children.  It was in the spirit of selfish sewing week, so I'm including it in my tally.
Yoga trousers (or pyjama bottoms!)
Pattern: Breezy Palazzo Pants by Wild Lily and Lace

Linen-look trousers
Pattern: Breezy Palazzo Pants by Wild Lily and Lace

Ava peplum top
Pattern: Ava by Victory Patterns

Wraparound vest/gym top
Pattern: self-drafted

It has been a good week for sewing but a not-so-good week for technology.  I blogged about my first make last Monday but stupid stupid Blogger ate my post and it's lost somewhere in t'internet, never to be found.  I've also been unable to share my makes on Flickr, because I'm locked into some sort of weird glitchy loop with its new Yahoo sign in.  I spent all of yesterday evening scowling at my tablet and getting nowhere.  Luckily, Selfish Sewing Week is hosted on Kollabora instead.  At first I thought "Whaaaat, another login, sign in, acount, password etc?  Dammit!" but actually after a week I love Kollabora already, and I know I'm going to post bits about all of my makes on there.  It's a great format for writing up project notes.  Hop on over and find Pocket Fox Sews if you're interested!

In time I might post separately about each of the patterns I sewed up.  I'm not making any promises though...

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