Friday, 15 August 2014

Many many Anytime at all tees!

It probably seems as though things have been pretty quiet here at the Pocket Fox den.  Actually the opposite is true- there's been loads going in and no time to write about it!  So here's a quick look at the t-shirts my boys are living in at the moment...

The Anytime at all tee pattern by Schwin designs has been my summertime staple for the boys.  Yesterday I made four of them in preparation for our week in Austria.

This is a great pattern.  I presume it's named Anytime at all because your kids can wear these t-shirts anytime at all.  However it should really be called the 'Make it in anytime at all', because you really can.  Especially with a serger (my new toy!), although it's certainly not necessarily.  The first time I made one with my serger, it sewed up in 15 minutes flat.  It looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  (The Angry Birds badge is a later addition, bought from H and M- 3 different embroidered badges for £2.50- bargain!  And I sewed it on, of course, because I didn't trust it to stay on with ironing alone.  It just happened to be a perfect match).

The pattern includes different sleeve lengths and colour blocking options.  I've changed it a bit to include bands around the sleeves and waist, just to give more colour options.  I also did one with a woven section and a button placket at the top, to use up a scrap of freight trains fabric and make it match a pair of shorts I'd made with the same fabric:

And here are some action shots!

I don't know what happened with this hat...

In case you didn't already guess I can't get enough of this pattern!  

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