Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dinosaur Norah dress

A couple of months ago we went to a friend's daughter's third birthday party. I took her a pink starry circle skirt, which was cute... But it turns out she's mad about dinosaurs, so I kind of wished I'd made her something dinosaury, and I resolved to make her something when I got a chance.

Turns out there's not as much dinosaur fabric out there as you would think, and I ended up not getting any until a couple of weeks ago when I placed an order with They have a great range of knit fabrics, which is what I was looking for, and I bought when there was free p+p (from Germany)... and I added some dinosaur print fabric to my order.

We're seeing my friend and her little girl tomorrow and I thought I'd try to sew something up for her. I had a look at my patterns for a dress which would be quick and easy and the Norah dress by Mouse House Creations looked like it might work.
And it did!  The Norah has lots of gorgeous variations, with collars etc, but I made the simplest version possible- sleeveless, no collar.  The pattern prints over just 12 pages so it was quick to tile together, quick to trace (just 4 pattern pieces for this version!   Hooray!) and quick to cut the fabric.  I started it at 1 in the afternoon when little cub went for his nap, and by the time I had to wake him for the school run at 2.30 the dress was almost done.  I just had to sew up the back seam and sew on the button later on. 

I had a button in my box which was exactly the right size and colour. The back is not as perfect as I would like, but I did sew this up super fast!

The only change I made to the directions was to understitch the neckline. I like sewing and I don't like ironing, and in my experience the time it takes to understitch is less than it would take to press the seam nicely without the understitching.

I cut a size 3T and my model, who will remain nameless, is almost 5 and quite tall, so it was very short. But on a 3-and-a-bit year old it think it will fit just fine, and it will probably be wearable with leggings until she's 5 or more, too. I really hope she likes it!

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