Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A bit of hand sewing- Frozen felties

These little felties have been a labour of love.  All those teeny tiny hand stitches!  All those little pieces of felt to cut out!  All totally worth it, of course.

The good thing about hand sewing is that you can sit and do it in front of the TV- no noisy machine needed.  These little guys are great to make on the go, too- all the pieces you need can fit into a tupperware container which you can pop into your bag as you leave the house.  They've been sewn at toddler group, friends' houses, play cafe... As well as my lunch break at work.

The bad things I've already mentioned.  The cutting out just kills me.  I loathe it.  I've speeded the process up a bit by tracing the pieces onto bondaweb and ironing it on, but that does mean some pieces are left with a shiny side- for example the underside of Anna's hair and cloak.  On the other hand, the sticky side does make the felt less stretchy and slightly more durable, which has to be a bonus, given that these dolls are going to be played with by a two-year-old.

I just used normal acrylic felt for these, mostly from my sister's feltie box, which is basically a cool stash of felt and other things needed to make felties, in a big box!  The embroidery threads, sequins, pipe cleaners and beads were all from the box too.

The patterns are from Kosucas on Etsy- a brilliant shop full of adorable PDF patterns for all sorts of cute felties, including lots of Disney princesses.  My favourite bit of these patterns is the hair.  So cute!

Instructions are in English and Spanish with lots of photos, but to be honest unless you're a complete sewing beginner you don't really need a lot of to make a feltie.

Elsa was the first, as you can see from the already apparent wear and tear!  I made some changes for Anna- firstly I did extra stitches at any weak points, corners etc, and made sure I fastened threads off very securely, because Elsa keeps coming undone.  And secondly I added a pipe cleaner instead of stuffing in the arms.  This means she's kind of poseable, and her arms won't lose their shoulder stuffing and go all floppy like Elsa's.

She likes warm hugs.

They've gone to sleep now, all snuggled up in their little bed!  Goodnight, dollies!

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