Friday, 24 April 2015

Kids' Clothes Week: Panda shorts

Here's my first completed item in this Kids' Clothes Week.  

The pattern is the Kudzu coverall by Sew Like My Mom.  I've made a few changes this time: firstly I've given it a panda face!  I drew a new pattern piece for the bodice, to give it rounded ears, and I added interfacing to the ears so they wouldn't flop over.  For the face, I used the owl eyes and raccoon nose from the pattern. 

The face fabric is plush/minky, and when little cub first saw it he gave a delighted yell of 'panda clothes!', then proceeded to give it a big cuddle.  

The bodice seemed very tight around the arms so I added an inch to the straps and took it off the length of the body bit of the trousers.  

I made these as shorts instead of trousers.  When I made the trouser version here the trousers came super wide and straight, and I wasn't keen on that aspect of the pattern.  But they do work well as shorts!  

Other people's photos of their kids modelling clothes are always so good.  I try, I really do (I even bribed him with sweets) but look what I have to work with.  Honestly,  I'm lucky to get any photos at all.  Sometimes I don't know why I bother...

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