Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tigers shirt for summer- Project Run and Play

My aim of joining in with the monthly sewalongs for Project Run and Play has not gone too well, so far.  In January I sewed this brilliant (even if I do say so myself!) Olaf costume with January's Bubble Dress sewalong pattern.  It took some thought to make the bubble dress into something for a boy, and looking at the sewalong pics I think Little Cub may have been the only boy in a bubble dress!

In February, the challenge was the Mademoiselle Muscle Tee.  I cut out all the pieces to make a super cool, reversible, Angry Birds Star Wars t-shirt, so Big Cub could choose to wear either the Rebels or the Pork Side (I will never wear the Pork Side, he told me. Never mind.).  Then when I came to sew it up, my machine was broken.  By the time it was back in action again, the sewalong deadline had passed, so that was that.  I sewed up the shirt, though, and it's pretty cool.

I even managed to get him to model the Pork side!

March's challenge was another dress.  I thought, you know what, I had to work super hard to make a dress pattern work for a boy back in January... I'm not doing it again.  Seems I wasn't the only one... 49 people sewed along, and not a single one made something for a boy.  Not one!  Sometimes it's hard sewing for boys when all the world seems to want to make pretty dresses.

In April the challenge was a bag, and I kind of wanted to make it, but I wasn't passionate about it and I was too busy making myself a pair of trousers to wear to work.

May's sewalong challenge is now on.  When I first saw the pattern I was a bit disappointed.  Not with the pattern itself, as it's really cute.  But it's introduced as a 'darling Spring/Summer shirt that will be perfect for girls of all ages'.  So my first thought was "Another girly pattern?  Are you KIDDING me?".  But then I had a look at the pattern and soon saw it could easily become a great boys' shirt too.  Hooray!  So here it is:
No, I'm not a pretty girl (despite what strangers say All The Time)
I need this Olaf hairslide to keep my hair out of my eyes, OK?
I made a few changes to the pattern.  I'm going to bullet point them to keep this short:

  1. I sewed it in a knit rather than a woven.  I still cut the same size (Age 2 for my 2-year-old), as this fabric is not a very stretchy knit.  I used a scrap of woven fabric for the facing used on the split for the buttons.
  2. I raised the back neckline by 1".
  3. I put the buttons on the front rather than the back.
  4. I added sleeves.  I used my trusty Anytime At All Tee pattern by Schwin Designs to make the sleeves and to redraft the armscye. 
  5. I added some topstitching to the yoke  pieces.
Check out that orange topstitching!

I should have added an inch to the body length- this came up pretty short:

What, you can see my underwear?  How embarrassing...
The fabric is a very cheap and nasty knit.  It's 100% cotton (no elastane!) and has not much stretch, as well as very poor stretch recovery.  I didn't want to use it to make something which needed a lot of stretch, so since this pattern is meant for wovens, it seemed like a great choice.  Working with this fabric has really made me appreciate why I spend a lot of money on quality knit fabrics!  The fabric is actually a dress I saw in H&M.   It was £2.99 and it's age 7-8, and I just fell in love with the print.  Aren't these tigers just soooooo adorable?  

I'm way too cool to wear a shirt with adorable tigers on it.

I thought there would be plenty of fabric in it to make something for Little Cub, and I was right.  I only used the skirt, so I still have the complete bodice left, along with a rectangle of the skirt.  I'll probably make the bodice a bit longer, and it will become a vest top for Big Cub.  

I managed to use the hem of the skirt as the hem of my sleeves and body pieces.  Yippee!
What?  These hems are recycled?  How could you do this to me?
I used cord elastic for button loops (what a nightmare to sew!  Never again) and it does look very sweet.  The buttons were from the button stash I inherited from my Grandma, and I love the fact that they're big, bold and different (but still matching!) colours.  

I enjoyed sewing up this pattern and playing around with it.  It makes a very cute boys' shirt.  I've already cut out the pieces for a top for Big Cub using this pattern, so watch this space!

Ready for a coffee break.  Being a model sure is hard work!


  1. That's really cute. Major props for making the pattern work for your adorable little guy!

  2. Nice shirt, I think the print is great, even if the fabric itself isn't ;)

  3. I was just thinking that I wish I had some of that tiger print for a project I've got in my head...it may not be stretchy but it's so fun!

  4. Not sure how the original dress looked, but this tiger print was meant for your adorable boy! Fun little top!