Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A bit of paper craft... R2-D2 party invitations- hand made (sort of)!

The cubs' birthdays are fast approaching and it was time to get invitations sent out for Big Cub's party.  The theme is, of course, Star Wars.  It was time to fire up my lovely new Cricut explore!

Making these invitations was a lot of fun.  I cut out the main piece from white card, and drew the lines on in metallic pens.  I say I- I mean the machine.  The head pieces were cut from blue sticky vinyl, which we stuck onto foil before cutting around them and sticking them down.  When I ran out of vinyl, I cut the rest of the heads from blue card.

We printed out the party details on paper and stuck them onto squares of card.  Big cub was thrilled with the results!

Watch this space for more Star Wars party bits and pieces!

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