Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cricut Explore- the first week

It was my birthday last week, and Long-Suffering husband had asked, 'Is there anything big you want?'... and I had mentioned that I would love a cutting machine.  I specifically mentioned a Cricut Explore, since I've been reading up on what's available and this seemed like the best option for what I need it to do.  It just so happens that he does a lot of cutting out of little letters etc, so I guess he had a bit of an ulterior motive but... he bought me one!  Hooray!

I haven't actually used it for cutting fabric, yet, because I've been having too much fun playing with iron-on vinyl.  The machine comes with a little piece, and I'm a bit addicted.  You can upload your own images to the Cricut design space, and both Big and Little cubs have been super keen to tell me what they want putting onto blank t-shirts.

Firstly, Little Cub wanted A Fast Train.  So we chose a clipart together, loaded it into the Design space, and got cutting.  Sadly I don't have a picture, because he has worn it so many times, it always seems to be in the wash.

Obviously Big Cub wanted Star Wars. This was more of a challenge- I wanted to do several images in one and do a sort of white-on-black/black-on-white effect.  It came out pretty good!  I'm so impressed with the precision of the cutting, even on those teeny tiny bits on the AT-AT's legs.

Next up was this stripy hoody:

He really likes it!

I wanted to try an Octonauts shirt for Little Cub.  Somehow, though, there were a few imperfections in the cutting, especially around the Octoalert's eyes.  Oh and I ironed it for too long, and kind of melted some bits onto the ironing board.  But hey, I'm still learning!  I also did a row of seaweed along the bottom.  Unfortunately Little Cub wouldn't sit still long enough for a decent photo, but you kind of get the idea...

I tell a lie.  He did sit still for a while, on a giant Duplo dog.  Still not a good photo though:
No, Little Cub.  Don't do that winking thing.  Just do a normal face.
OK.  I give up.

Here's one just to prove he can do a normal face!

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