Sunday, 11 October 2015

Little Grey Riding Hood cape

I've been meaning to make myself a cape for a couple of years now.  I had a pattern all cut out and everything last winter, but somehow I never got around to buying the fabric I needed.  Then I had a mad pattern buying spree on Labor Day weekend (though I have no idea what Labor Day is, sorry!), when loads of online shops had discounts.  One of the patterns I couldn't resist was the Ladies' Little Red Riding Hood Cape by BigLittle.  I hadn't heard of BigLittle before but it's a shop of "Beautiful woodland-inspired sewing patterns"... eek!  I want to make all of the BigLittle things.  For now, I've had to content myself with just the cape.

Oh, what a cape it is!  The photos don't really do it justice, because the light wasn't great- it was such a bright morning and the sun is so low in the sky now. 

It's kind of more of a capelet, really... I had to lengthen it substantially so it would reach to my wrists.  I really wanted this cape for doing the school run and pushing the buggy, so it's important that it's wrist length.  I had to make some changes to the shoulder shape too, once I'd lengthened it, but that was easily done.

I already said I'd wanted to make a cape for a while, and one of the things which put me off making one with the pattern I already had was the fabric requirements.  It needed something like 3.5 yards.  And in my head, I had a vision of a cape which was going to be lined with minky/plush... which doesn't come cheap.  So I was thrilled to see that I could make the Red Riding Hood cape fits into 1.5 metres of fabric.  I bought some ash grey minky from Plush Addict and some beautiful, waffle-effect wool coating from  It's lovely but veeeeeeeery stretchy.  That was OK, though- it just meant I had to use more pins than usual.
It was super quick to sew up.  I had the whole thing done in one evening.

I found this cute button in the button collection I inherited from my Grandma.  It's just perfect for this cape- big but not too big, greyish with a hint of purple.

I bought the acorn from Greenwich Market.  It's hand needle felted and stuck into a real acorn cup.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for my cape- it's the perfect woodland addition.

I used the excess length I cut from the button loop to make a hanging loop, as I didn't want to hang the cape by the hood and have it stretch under its own weight.

I love it.  It's perfect for Autumn.  The only problem is... big cub is scared of the hood!  Can you believe it?  Maybe it makes me look like Darth Vader...?

Oh- did I mention- it can also be used as a blanket for a small person on a chilly morning?  How lovely is he?

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