Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas- Christmas Tree Pyjamas!

Just a quick post... We've had a busy Christmas Eve today (of course!)... a lot of which I've spent sewing up these Christmas tree pyjamas.  They were kind of a rush job (with it being Christmas Eve and all), but they're still pretty cute.

The trousers pattern is the Christmas Shorts pattern by TigerLily patterns.  TigerLily are in Australia, so I'm guessing they never have any need to make Christmas trousers from polar fleece, but it works well!  I added a fleece waistband for comfort and ankle bands to stop the legs from riding up when the boys are wriggling about in bed.

The top is a mash up of the Recess Raglan (for speed of sewing up) and the Anytime At All Tee (for the size of the neck, which is really teeny tiny on the Recess Raglan).   The tree was appliqued on (the shape was drawn by hand, by long-suffering husband). 



The boys chose their own ribbons for decoration, from a collection of bits and bobs I found in a drawer (if you sew, you have some little bits of shiny ric rac somewhere... you may not know from whence they came, but they're there, somewhere...).  Originally I had little squares of velcro all over it, with the intention of making little decorations which the boys could decorate themselves with.  But they were too small, and didn't stick, so I sewed felt baubles over them.  The star attaches with velcro, though, which is cute!  Little cub keeps putting the star on and off his tree. 

Sleep tight, fleecy cubs, and a Merry Christmas to you all!


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