Friday, 16 September 2016

Pokeball hats- sewing along with Project Run and Play

In the Pocket Fox household, Summer 2016 will forever be remembered as the summer of Pokemon Go.  I had been planning on making some Pokemon trainers' clothes, and the Project Run and Play sewalong was a great incentive to do something right now. 

Small Cub had declared that he's going to dress up as a Pokemon for my sister's wedding.  Some days he says he's going to be a Beedrill.  Some days he says he's going to be Ash.  And some days I try to tell him he's not going to the wedding in fancy dress...  but never mind that.  I know the boys would love to dress up as Pokemon, but I didn't want to do fancy dress costumes.  I wanted to make something useful, that they will actually wear, and eventually decided to make pokeball hats.

The hats are from a pattern from the Summer 2015 issue of Ottobre.  I've made at least half a dozen sun hats from this pattern for the boys this summer, but you can never have too many hats.  It's always good to have one at home, on to keep at school or nursery, and a spare for when you can't find the one you normally wear.  It was easy to see how I could adapt the pattern to make a pokeball hat.

I don't know why they always pull these faces.  It's a mystery.

Small cub helped to make the pokeballs, by choosing the buttons and pressing the foot pedal while I sewed the stripes on.  The middles are a strip of 1" black cotton webbing, and a black cotton circle.  We're really pleased with how they turned out.

The hats are reversible... so you don't have to show off your pokeball if you don't want to.  Big Cub's is plain royal blue on the other side, so he can wear it as a school hat with a secret pokeball inside!  They also have secret name labels which tuck inside the lining, so you can wear the hat either way without the label sticking out.

The boys can't wait to wear these next time we go on a pokewalk! 

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  1. Oh,my goodness! What a great idea! I am sure you are going to start a pokeball hat craze. These are just adorable!